Real Nigga Hours (Prod. Superstar Beats)

by Luce Endz

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Please dont take this seriously.

Instagram: @luceendz
Twitter: @Luce_Endz

Produced by Superstar Beats
Featuring my boys Lil Jewsh, Yung Jac, and Marcus



Real NIgga Hours
We be popping bottles its a champagne shower


Real nigga hours
It's real nigga hours
Forreal nigga hours
We stay poppin bottles its a champagne shower


Guess that I got a lot to discover
Goals deep in the woods like a fox under cover
I lay beats in my room Im a god with the thunder
Guess I rap to just react to my plunders
so fuck an act I got numbers
you got a rack with them titties but fuck an accident
Im always on the track like a runner
So i can factually punt my fucking immaculate raps
at anyone asking whos better
I show em every single single and they krafty like cheddar
but in the sac you is better
cause you be lackin endeavors
My name is Factually clever cause I am wacker than ghetto
Stacking the cheddar, but reacting isn't havoc
Is better
Real Nigga Hours selling tickets in your home town
Guess the time is now to fucking go blow now


Real Nigga Hours, we be staking cheddar like towers
Im up on that Tillamuck shit, Got these bitches always on the dick
And Aint nobody fucking wit tha clique
Kyle, Jake, and Mar, man you know the flows are sick

Fuck you know bout grilling niggas?
Branson being salty, but I'm killing, man forreal Im bout to spill em
the illest, the realest, the chillest, I kill this, Get digits, the biggest
booty bitches I feel like a king when Im in this

but man, Don't sing like a lil bitch, I sting like a Bee
but they spinning like the room when im sippin on lean
They slipping - ya see, don't give me that shit - man I seem
approaching situations with a more peripheral V
A gifted MC, Im lifted like a spliff and some tree
because I'm rising to the top, bitch you better believe


Section One
Yeah we talking bout nigga
So take a seat, pull a chair, fore I pull back the trigga
Like let this white guy flow, being racist, go figure
We bout to jump up on the track like we tigger
What color dick is the bigger one
Im finna go spill some blood
I'm finna go kill someone
Because im the Illest one
Imma fuck up your whole day
Going dumb with the low key
Bitches love me like Im loki, bout to blow, see


i got the money like trump
i'm with my niggas in the club
eatin mana like crumbs
i spit nice cool rap flows
i look around, i see 46 trap hoes
you already know
like a poker card they played, I just flipped the table
Bitches want antenna, like my basic cable
be the Lion, you gazelle, this a basic fable
Like a fAscist playbill, I face racisct labels

Going hard in this bitch
Go Osama on the track, throwing bombs in this bitch
Fuck a dollar, fuck a rack, Go Lebron in this bitch
Real nigga hours, you know that we fucking all in this bitch

We got fast like a motherfucking cheetah
We go blast like a motherfucking heater
We got past the present to reenact the future
Guess we got stuck in a loop by playin follow the leader

Verse 5

real nigga hours
green bay nigga on that cheese head shit
the judge ain't gonna appease that shit
and he says "nigga why you gotta speed and shit"
and i'm like homie gotta get to school real quick
got arrested doing 5 in a 3 mile zone
i be like bitch i'll do a 5 in your 3 mile zone
just get out of my face leave me alone
i'm in the zone


released October 4, 2015
Producer - Superstar Beats
Features - Yung Jac, Lil Jewsh, and Marcus



all rights reserved


Luce Endz Nampa, Idaho

It's Luce Endz here - A.K.A Kyle Luce.

I'm a rapper, and producer from Nampa, ID.

Be sure to add me on Facebook, follow me on Soundcloud, and Subscribe to me on Youtube.

Mixtape coming soon.

Thank you guys,
have a good day.
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